Steve Rude Superman Commission!

This will be a day long remembered.

(Okay, so this is not a blog about Star Wars, but I had to make it epic somehow!)

At long last, after many years of admiring Steve Rude the Dude’s artwork on Superman, and resolving some time ago to purchase a commission from him one day, last October was when I finally did.

My request was for a piece done in colored marker of Superman looking majestic, with an urban background. This is what arrived:

To say I am thrilled with this commission is an understatement. I was told by Steve’s wife, Jaynelle, who handles all orders on their site, that Steve got inspired and added some colored pencil work to the piece at no cost. I can’t wait to frame it one day when I make some room to display more, something that I’m sure is the bane of every collector.

This was a wonderful experience and worth the price and wait time. I think this year or next I’ll order a head sketch in black and white of Clark Kent! Rest assured I will also share that with everyone here when I do.

Happy New Year!

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