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Superman Confidential

Superman: Year One:

“Superman: Year One Covers, Release Date for Miller, Romita Black Label Comic”

Man and Superman: 

“Man and Superman is Worth the Wait”

Golden Age:

The Sci-Fi Christian: “Book Review: ‘Super Boys’ by Brad Ricca

Unassuming Barber Shop: The First American Comics Scholar Was a Superman Artist

Lambiek Comiclopedia: Paul Cassidy

Kleefeld on Comics: “On History: Paul Cassidy”

DC Comics Artists: “Who Drew Superman?”

Death of Superman Animated Movie:

CBR: “Peter Tomasi Spills Secrets on Reinventing the Death of Superman for Animation”

CBR: “Will Reign of the Supermen Animate the Infamous Mullet? Well…”

Henry Cavill:

CBR: “Why Shazam, and the DCEU, Needs Superman.”

CBR: “Henry Cavill’s Superman Was Always Better Than His Movies”

CBR: “Henry Cavill-Warner Bros. Superman Drama is ‘Fake'”

Superman Homepage: “What We Know About Warner Bros., Henry Cavill and Superman”

Revenge of the Fans: “Longtime SUPERMAN Artist and Writer Dan Jurgens Praises Henry Cavill’s Portrayal”

Revenge of the Fans: “Henry Cavill Out as Superman? Let’s Sift Through the Debris…”

Revenge of the Fans: “Making Sense of Both Sides of Cavill’s Contract Talks”

Revenge of the Fans: “Breaking Down Yesterday’s Big DC Rumors”

Revenge of the Fans: “Cavill Wants to Tell a ‘Whole Bunch’ of Superman Stories”

Collider: “Exclusive: Christopher McQuarrie on ‘Man of Steel 2’ and His Involvement with ‘Green Lantern'”

Revenge of the Fans: “So Long, Superman: A Fan’s Lament as the Man of Steel Flies Into the Phantom Zone”

Action 1000:

CBR: Action Comics Receives Guiness World Record

Hollywood Reporter: “Top Selling Comics of 2018 Revealed (Exclusive)”

Superman Homepage: “The Internet Celebrates Superman’s 80th Anniversary”

PopMatters: “Truth, Justice, and Unprecedented Achievements: ‘Action Comics #1000’

CBR: “Cavill Wishes Superman a Happy 80th Birthday”

Polygon: “Action Comics #1000, explained

Superman Homepage: “Action Comics #1000 Variant Covers”

Publishers Weekly: “DC Marks 80 Years of ‘Action Comics’ and Superman with Hardcover Tribute

Comic Burst: “Action Comics #1000 Complete Cover Checklist”

CBR: “WonderCon: DC Celebrates 80 Years of Superman”

Newsarama: “Simonson & Ordway Reunite with Superman in Action Comics #1000

SYFY Wire: “Dan Jurgens on His Career-Defining 31 Years with the Man of Steel”

Bleeding Cool: “Why John Byrne Isn’t Part of Action Comics #1000”

Inverse: “‘Action Comics’ #1000 Is a Historic Superman Comic That Will Make You Cry”

Newsarama: “DC Nation Lands One Million Orders, Action Comics #1000 500k”

Newsarama: “The Lost Superman Story by Siegel and Shuster Studio That’s Being Reprinted for Action Comics #1000”

Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman:

Dean Cain Reveals His True Feelings on the DC Extended Universe

The Aspiring Kryptonian: An Interview with… Dean Cain

Lois and Clark Finale Cliffhanger Answered! (And is There Hope for a Revival?!)

Justice League:

Slash Film: “‘Justice League’ Finally Gets Superman Right”

Wired: “Justice League is a Beautiful Mess of a Franken-Movie”

Superherohype: “New Line’s Walter Hamada to Oversee DC Film Slate for Warners”

Superherohype: “Justice League Deleted Scene Shows Superman’s Black Suit”

Superman Homepage: “New Twitter ‘Justice League’ Promo Video

Hollywood Reporter: ‘Justice League’: Why Can’t Anyone Get Superman Right?

Superman Homepage: “Behind the Scenes ‘Justice League’ Superman Photos”


Superman Homepage: “Did You Know Lex Luthor and Obi-Wan Kenobi Shared a Prop?”

Superman to the Rescue?

Dial B for Blog: “I Love Lucy: Lucy Meets Superman”

Superman Homepage: “Study Shows Seeing a Superman Image Makes People More Heroic.”