An Interesting Development…

Well, this is interesting.

After years of clamoring, a very vocal portion of the fandom got their wish. WB and DC- and HBOMax, apparently- are going to finally #releasethesnydercut.

I’m not going to go into what that is, because if I did, you probably wouldn’t be on this site to begin with. Suffice to say, the final cut of Justice League released in theaters was an amalgamation of two very different styles- Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon- and it showed. Snyder left the project after his daughter committed suicide, not because of creative differences, something of course that was very tragic. Because of the abrupt nature of his exit, Snyder fans always theorized that there must be some mythical version of Justice League out there somewhere, left in someone’s desk or on the cutting room floor.

To be fair, there was and there wasn’t.   Although Snyder himself stoked the fire last fall on Instagram after seeing the persistence of Snyderphiles trying to get the studio’s attention, let us be clear, what executives were saying all along wasn’t incorrect, either. There was no completed version of the film that was not released, and what didn’t make it into the final release was not enough to use as its own movie. What is going to premiere on HBOMax in 2021 is actually old footage, as well as new, as yet unfilmed footage with new special effects.

In other words, the Snyder cut hasn’t always existed. They are making it now. Either way, I’m sure fans aren’t complaining. It’s always nice to see a director get an opportunity to finish their work, and director’s cuts are certainly cool. I’m happy for Snyder and his wife (Deborah, a co-producer of his films) as this affords them a chance to build to the crescendo of his “life’s work,” as one site called it. And since we are smack in the middle of the streaming wars, I’m sure HBOMax is happy to grab new content with an established fan base.  This makes perfect sense on so many levels. With streaming platforms gobbling up comic book and graphic novel content left and right- whether commercially successful already or not- it stands to reason that the first comic book company would find its characters somewhere outside its own streaming service at some point. A five hour Snyder cut of Justice League not only fulfills a dream of Snyder’s but it potentially opens the door to a lot of other DCEU content. The recent announcement that the live-action Green Lantern series will also find its home on the platform seems to add some weight. Will this new release of the movie be any good? We know that Zack Snyder has his fans, but quite frankly I don’t really know. We can’t exactly point to much of a track record, with his prior two DC adaptations receiving mixed responses at best. Even more confounding are some of Zack’s plans of where he originally wanted to take the story, with an insane Superman becoming a threat to mankind, and other ideas. Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of teases in there I really enjoy (General Swanswick really being Martian Manhunter comes to mind), but all in all, why is the announcement of more Zack Snyder DCEU something to write home about?

Because it means more Henry Cavill as Superman! I’m not even referring to unused footage of Cavill, either. As I understand it, in order for there to be any Snyder cut, there has to be a lot of work done, which will likely include filming at least some new footage. The studio potentially allocating a budget north of $30 million sounds like it’s just that. If Cavill is coming back, even for minor scenes or even simply voicework, is it possible it could build momentum to something else later? We saw the reaction from fans two years ago at the announcement that he was out of the role. Might something like this be enough to drum up interest for more of Henry in the role?Of course, this is just me being optimistic, and desperate for some new cinematic Superman. Even news like this, right in the middle of a disjointed take on the character and in a brand that doesn’t know where it’s going, it’s worth getting excited about.

Count me in for 2021!! 

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