In the Doldrums… Kinda

Hi guys, it’s been a while since I posted on this site with regularity. Believe me, it’s not because I’ve lost interest, it’s just I believe in only writing about things I enjoy, and lately there just hasn’t been that much, I’m sorry to say.  It hasn’t been for lack of wanting, or even trying, believe me. I started this site at a time when Henry Cavill was in movies, Rebirth was hitting on all cylinders, and Krypton provided more Superman on TV. Plenty to love and plenty to write about. I’ve since tried a lot of Superman stuff that’s out there right now and a lot of it’s been underwhelming to say the least. I haven’t been very impressed with the Bendis stuff that’s currently in the comics (although to be fair, it’s been better than I expected), Superman on the big screen is still in limbo, and with the exception of this year’s Crisis crossover I’m just not a big fan of CW shows in general.   This does happen from time to time. There is ebb and flow in Superman comics, to be sure, and I’ve lived through it before. Hollywood too, goes in cycles as tastes change (or what studios think the current taste is changes). As a fan, you just stick with what you love and wait it out until the cycle comes back around and picks you up again. It should also be stated that we are living through the golden age of comic book reprints and collected editions, so I am enjoying that, to be sure. As more unprinted Superman stories see the light of day, I’ll be scooping them up. Not insignificant, let me tell you. All that said…

There are some bright spots out there that are in the works or in the middle of release that are definitely worth writing home about. 

Or writing on your blog about, as the case may be.

Just how big an impact they will have remains to be seen, but I have my eyes on a few I did want to share. 1. Robert Venditti

The latest crop of comic book writers to emerge in this last decade has been hit or miss to say the least. I first learned of one of them, Robert Venditti, when he succeeded Geoff Johns on Green Lantern during New 52 and wrote X-O Manowar during Valiant Comics’ relaunch in 2012. Neither book was very impressive, but to be fair, neither was an easy feat. As time has passed, he has really grown as a writer. I also happen to be a huge Hawkman fan, and I have LOVED the new Hawkman ongoing book he is currently writing. Much to my surprise, I also immensely enjoyed his new Freedom Fighters maxiseries, which featured an alternate reality Cyborg Superman as one baddie among many. While it would have been a stretch to call Freedom Fighters a Superman book, despite its familiar antagonist, I did consider writing a review. What I absolutely will write about one day is Venditti’s refreshing and welcome addition to DC’s current Supes lineup, Superman: The Man of Tomorrow. A digital-first book that has been released weekly during the COVID-19 crisis and drawn by Paul Pelletier, the series is a very familiar take on the Man of Steel that fans of any era or age can relate to. On his Twitter account, Venditti recently stated that Superman is the one character by far he has been longing to write, and that he is a huge fan. It definitely shows.  In Man of Tomorrow, Superman’s identity is still secret, Clark Kent and Lois Lane are reporters for the Daily Planet, and they are married but no mention is made of Jon Kent or, if he is around, what age he is. The villains are Superman’s classic rogues gallery and the plots so far have been the standard assignments-for-the-Daily-Planet-that-dovetail-into-some-nefarious-plot-or-another. Like the triangle era books of the 1990s, this book has a feel that is equal parts life in the big city, ensemble cast, and good superhero fun.   I haven’t heard if the series is meant to be six issues or ongoing, but I certainly hope it’s the latter. Similar to the digital Adventures of Superman anthology series which ran during, but independent from, the New 52, the book is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise uninteresting time. Man of Tomorrow is highly enjoyable and I encourage anyone to check it out. 2. Superman and Lois

Whenever I hear of something being inspired by DC Rebirth, you’ve caught my attention. Superman and Lois was a natural choice for the next CW show given how often the characters had been appearing in the Arrowverse, and one that I’m sure a lot of fans will be happy about.   I was admittedly hesitant about Tyler Hoechlin being cast as Superman a few years ago, given his unique look compared to others who have sported the cape and boots- a little shorter, more slight of build, five o’clock shadow, different costume, etc. When he premiered in season 2 of Supergirl however, he won me over immediately. He has a quiet strength about him and exudes “nice guy” both as Clark and Superman. Similarly for Bitsie Tulloch as Lois the following year, they both belong in their respective roles.  I am cautiously optimistic about the show, as I am certain that liberties will be taken since it will be on CW. We’ve already seen a bit of that with the premise of two sons instead of one and some casting choices. My other question is, given how many of Superman’s rogues gallery Supergirl has already used, what will be left for this show? All that said, I am thrilled that my favorite character is headlining a show again, and of course I will give it a chance. We shall see. 

  3. Man of Tomorrow (Animated Movie)

I haven’t heard or seen too much of this other than the promotional images released, but a new, adult-aimed Superman animated movie is in production and scheduled for release this year. Unlike the direct-to-dvd DC Animated movies, whose results for me have been mixed, this one is not patterning itself after or adapting any particular storyline or art style, and from what I hear is starting as something of a “Year One.” So far, it looks like there is a lot of promise here. I’d love to see a series of movies or even another animated series not adapting anything specific but just forging ahead on its own. It could work. All of this put together, as well as the release of the various collected editions I mentioned earlier are enough to keep me interested. I’d love to see our first and greatest superhero back on the big screen, Krypton to be picked up by another network, and to go back to the earlier status quo in the books, but alas, we can’t have everything. Who knows? Some of these new projects may even end up being better than expected. 

I have to complain about it of course, because it’s what I do. It is a passion of mine, what can I say? At least for now, it’s definitely something.  

As always, time will tell. 

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